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How Much Does It Cost to Replace an AC Compressor in a Home Unit?

Are you a homeowner? If so, you know all the small (but significant!) costs around the house that really add up. One such thing that's probably on your mind--especially at the beginning of summer--is your AC.

When you notice warm spots in your house that should be cool, uneven air flow coming from your vents, or strange sounds or smells coming from your AC, it’s time to get it checked. Oftentimes, your problem is a broken or faulty AC compressor.

If your home AC compressor needs replacing, it’s important to understand the potential cost beforehand. Learn the cost of this replacement in our helpful guide to home AC compressor repair!


Do you know what an AC compressor is? Most people don't. It's a large mechanical device within your AC that removes heat from the air.

This function is called tunnage. When you call a professional to have your compressor replaced, they'll ask you what your AC's "tunnage size" is.

They need to know the tunnage size in order to know the size (and function) of your specific compressor. If you don't know the tunnage size, don't worry! It should be listed on a label on your AC unit. 

The size of your compressor determines the price. The larger the compressor, the more space it cools, which means it'll cost more. The average price is anywhere from around $200 to $800.


As with any professional service, part of your cost is simply labor. That means you're paying the professional for the work they do and the time they take doing it.

Labor costs vary depending on which company you contract with. On average, replacing an AC compressor yields a labor cost of around $500, but it can also be higher. Always ask for a quote before you contract with a repair company.

Call us today to get a quote for your replacement. We can tell you the labor cost for your AC, no tricks or hidden charges! We offer professional, honest service at competitive prices.

Be wary of people who claim to be professionals. Always do your research about a person or company before you sign any contract for home appliance repair. Read reviews, check their site for legitimacy, even ask for references or testimonials.

Unfortunately, there are plenty of contractor scams out there! Know the warning signs of a contractor scam, including those who claim to be AC professionals. Don't hesitate to be thorough and careful.

AC Compressor Replacement Cost Doesn’t Have to Be a Mystery!

If you find yourself with a broken AC compressor, you don’t have to wonder how much it’ll cost to replace. Nothing is worse than being in the dark about home repair costs!

What you just learned will help you understand what you’re paying for and approximately how much you’ll pay. Of course, costs vary based on location, the company you use, and your specific AC. 

Putting together the average cost of both the compressor unit and labor, you can expect to pay somewhere around $1,000 for your replacement.

If you’re in the Naples area, contact us at Pascal Heating and Cooling to talk to an AC professional. Don’t live with a broken AC compressor any longer!